Israel afraids of Japan’s coop. with Iran: senior MP

MNA – A senior Iranian lawmaker said that the Israeli regime is afraid of Japan’s cooperation with Iran and hence is making efforts to undermine this development.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi pointed to Friday’s phone conversation between the Israeli regime’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, saying, “the prime minister of the Zionist regime thinks that he can deter Japanese PM from cooperating with Iran by pointing out his regime’s redlines in the region, since the Zionist lobby is afraid that Japan would join other countries which cooperate with Iran.”

All US pressures against the country are aimed at changing Tehran’s regional policies and undermining the country’s missile power, he said, noting that some measures of the Trump administration have been adopted due to pressures from the Zionists.

Russia, China and India have continued their cooperation with Iran despite US pressures and the Israeli regime is afraid that Japan would join them, said the member of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee.

“And more than that, Zionists are afraid that these tensions would ultimately lead to the normalization of ties between Iran and US; but of course this is not possible because we will not talk and interact with them [Americans] due to their violation of international rules.”

The Japanese PM is slated to make a three-day official visit to Iran on Wednesday.