Iran exported $8.5bn worth of minerals last year

MNA – Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Jafar Sargheini said that the country exported $8.5 billion worth of mining and mineral products last year (ended Mar. 20, 2019).

Despite all restrictions imposed by the US sanctions, Iran managed to export $8.5 billion worth of minerals to other countries in the past year in addition to meeting the domestic demand, he said in a press briefing on Saturday.

The deputy industry minister also revealed the transfer of 80 mining and mineral zones to the leading and qualified companies and added, “for this purpose, a consortium has been set up in order to materialize most objectives of mineral industries optimally.”

With the coordination made, $8.5 million tons of steel was exported in the past year, he said, adding, “effective steps have been taken to spur exports and export activities.”