Iran, Brazil discuss bilateral cooperation

MNA – Iranian Ambassador to Brasilia Seyyed Ali Saghaiyan met with Vice President of Brazil Hamilton Mourão on Friday to discuss a host of issues, including bilateral ties.

During the meeting, the two sides expressed satisfaction with the trend of relations between the two countries and explored the avenues for expanding the cooperation between the two nations in various economic and cultural fields.

Referring to long-standing 116-year-old relations between Iran and Brazil, Mourão described Iran as a country that enjoys thousands of years of civilization and is the main player in the Middle East region.

He also highlighted the Brazilian government’s strong will for preserving bilateral ties with Iran.

Brazil has been one of the supporters of Iran’s nuclear deal, backing the Islamic Republic in the face of the US’ hostile policies and reimposition of sanctions.

The two countries enjoy a fair share of trades in different economic sectors. According to the reports, the volume of trades between Iran and Brazil stood at $2.5 billion in 2018. Moreover, some $2 billion worth of goods from other countries are exported to Iran via Brazil every year.