Iran: Fresh sanctions reveal absurdity of US call for talks

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned the latest American sanctions imposed on Iran’s petrochemical industry as a brazen instance of economic terrorism, saying the hostile move lays bare the US hypocritical call for negotiations.

In a statement on Saturday, Abbas Mousavi strongly condemned the new sanctions the US Treasury Department has imposed on Iranian petrochemical businesses as an example of economic terrorism in a series of the White House’s acts of hostility towards the Iranian nation.

“Only one week of patience was enough for the US president’s claim about negotiations with Iran to be proven empty. The US policy of maximum pressure is a failed one that had been several times tried by that country’s former presidents as well,” the spokesman deplored.

“This is a wrong path and the US administration may rest assured that it will not achieve any of the objectives set for such a policy,” he underlined.

Decrying the US officials’ call for talks with Iran as “deceitful, fake and meant only to attract the attention of public opinion”, Mousavi said, “This measure by the United States contravenes the basic principles and regulations of international relations and law as well as the (US) regime’s international commitments, and will result in international accountability.”

“All countries have a responsibility to react to the brazen violation of the fundamental principles of international law and not allow the achievements of the international community in multilateralism to be further ruined by the US ruling system’s coercive and unilateral measures,” the spokesman concluded.

The US Treasury Department on Friday imposed new sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical industry, including the largest Iranian petrochemical holding group.

The punitive measure came against a backdrop of growing calls from the US and its Western allies for talks with Iran.