Iran condemns US trade war on China

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the US trade war on China, as an attempt by Washington to retain its previous position through imposing unconventional costs on others, is doomed to failure.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said the trade war between China and the US in recent months has been one of major international challenges with consequences and dimensions that can extend beyond the bilateral relations of the two countries and affect the prosperity and progress of people all over the world.

The provocative approach of President Trump’s administration which was obvious in its irresponsible withdrawal from several international agreements, including the nuclear deal and imposition of unilateral sanctions on nations, is also evident in its trade war with China, he said.

Similarly, based on the approach, the US is treating China in a demanding way and is trying to impose political considerations on economic realities, the spokesman said while affirming that Iran condemns the approach as a kind of “economic terrorism”.

Mousavi added that the statistics and analyses show that the US approach leading to the trade war with China can reduce the global GDP up to $600 billion in the next two years.

Therefore, the US administration has to seriously revise its approach towards global trends and the way it deals with realities such as rise of other players’ power and relative decline of the US power, the Iranian diplomat said.

Describing the US approach as in contradiction to global power pyramid, the speaker said that the US attempt for retaining its past position through imposing unconventional costs on others is doomed to failure.