Enemies witnessing gradual conquest of key fronts by Islam: IRGC

MNA – The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said in a statement that despite all pressures and animosities, enemies are witnessing the conquest of key fronts by Islam.

“Despite the enemies’ efforts to prevent the [Islamic] Revolution’s influence on the discourse of resistance across the world … [enemies] now clearly witness the gradual conquest of key fronts by Islam and the formation of the pole of Islamic power in the geometry of global power,” reads IRGC statement on Monday on the occasion of June 4, the anniversary of the demise of Islamic Revolution founder Imam Khomeini.

June 4 is the day when the Iranian nation will express readiness to continue their resistance in the face of enemies’ pressures, especially the ‘Pharaonic and dictator regime’ of US, notes the statement.

The nation proves that it will not surrender to oppressive sanctions and the maximum pressure policy of the enemy; rather, it will come out of this sensitive point in history victoriously, the statement adds.