Army always ready to defend the nation: statement

MNA – Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army says it is ‘always ready’ to defend the nation against any threat made by the enemies.

In a Monday statement on the occasion of the demise of the late Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini on June 4, the Army voiced strong support for the Islamic Revolution and vowed crushing response to enemies.

“In an era that the enemy uses the tool of threatening to advance its maximum pressure policy, Army is always ready, under the guidance of the Leader of Islamic Revolution, to defend the Islamic Iran and to give firm crushing response to any threat by the Global Arrogance and its regional allies,” reads the statement

“The Islamic Revolution not only created a deep influential evolution in the field of contemporary political thinking but also it freed the Iranian nation in practice from domestic tyranny and foreign colonial domination; the Islamic Revolution disrupted the power equations of the bipolar world and became the source of awakening Muslims and oppressed people in the world,” the statement adds.