Rouhani: Iranians always victorious against White House

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that the Iranian nation has always emerged victorious against White House’s bullying leaders.

Addressing West Azarbaijan Administrative Council’s session in Maku late on Tuesday, White House leaders wanted to take Iran to the United Nations Security Council and impose global sanctions against it, but the plot was hatched with the Iranian nation’s vigilance and refusing to exit JCPOA.

“Provoking other parties to the JCPOA was another plot by the Americans, but they failed to align with them other countries and their conspiracy was thwarted,” he said.

Finally, the US was forced to walk away from the JCPOA and breach its commitments, and it also remained alone in the path, he said.

In the next stage, White House also sought to win UN and international organizations’ support against Iran but Iran convicted the US in the International Court of Justice and this was a great success in the legal history of the country.

Describing the US as the biggest arrogant power and Iran as the symbol of Islam, dignity and independence in the world, Rouhani said that today, the epitome of goodness has encountered the manifestation of the evil, and this should explained to the world.

“The US current work is crimes against humanity, as they block purchase of medicine and foodstuff and dispatching the sick abroad for treatment,” top executive said.

Reiterating that the US will be disgraced and regretful against the Iranian nation, he added that the US war is not with the Iranian government; rather it is with a great nation and the will definitely be defeated in this war.

Over the past year, the Iranian nation made sacrificial resistance against the US excessive demands, he said, noting that they wanted to raise dollar to 50,000 Tomans but they failed in this respect, too.

Currently, the economic institutes, Central Bank, Foreign Ministry and Petroleum Ministry are at the forefront of the US economic war and are struggling with all in power, he said.

Production, employment and removing extreme poverty are three basic mottos of the government, Rouhani said, noting that the government is determined to reach the objectives but all should help it in this respect.

Rouhani visited West Azerbaijan on Tuesday to inaugurate 27 infrastructural projects valued over 4,600 billion Tomans.