Iran not seeking war but will defend itself cohesively: envoy to Pakistan

MNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Pakistan told Pakistani reporters on Wednesday that Iran is not seeking war but will defend itself cohesively.

Underlining that Iranians will not surrender to US’ bullying behavior, Mehdi Honardoost told reporters in a meeting in Islamabad that “despite its ability to defend the country, the Islamic Republic avoids any tension and seeks establishing peace and stability.”

The Iranian ambassador underscored the significance of cooperation among regional countries as a way to prevent outsiders’ interference in regional issues.

Criticizing the US’ illegitimate and unilateral withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, known as JCPOA, he added that “it is the the US’ bullying behavior that has impeded JCPOA’s implementation.”

Due to US’ ever-increasing pressure on Iran because of Iranians’ refusal to accept US hegemony, Washington is waging a psychological warfare in the region by deploying its military forces in the region.

He rejected any possibility of war between Iran and the US, but noted that the Iranian nation and government will not make friends with enemies.