Trump’s threat reveals unfamiliarity with Iran history

IRNA – First Vice President Esh’aq Jahangiri said that US President Donald Trump’s threatening tweet indicated that he is totally unfamiliar with the history of Iran.

Addressing inaugural ceremony of National Museum of Sports late on Monday, he added that the US officials should review Iran’s history once to know what status it had in the course of history and it is not in their favor to enter into war with it.

Referring to the US officials’ contradictory remarks regarding Iran, he added that Trump himself has said that with these contradictory statements, they want to do a work that nobody inside Iran to understand what they intend to do.

Directors should pay no attention to the Americans’ statements, Jahangiri said, noting, “If we are to listen to the Americans’ words and see what they are doing, we cannot take even a single step in line with the country’s development.”

Of course, some sections of the pressures are psychological and some real which are all aimed at making the Iranian nation show reactions they want, Jahangiri said.

Under the current situation, the entire country should be treated as integrated, he said, noting that no pillar of the establishment should seek to undermine the other, especially the government which is running the affairs.

“The third necessity at present is restoring social assets and reviving public hope, as the Americans are eager to see the Iranian nation disappointed with their future,” he said, calling on the elites to help raise public hope and promote social assets.

At the end of his remarks, he said, “We should also handle the international situation in such a way the US stay in isolation, as they have been over the past years and months.”