No war in current situation: Iranian former diplomat

ISNA – Iranian former diplomat, Seyed Hossein Mousavian said that the main purpose of the US National Security Advisor, John Bolton and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is regime change in Iran without war, adding, “Controversies in recent weeks, including dispatch US warship is more of a psychological warfare and Bolton-Netanyahu team is not planning to begin any war in the current situation”.

In an exclusive interview with ISNA, the Iranian official said, “Netanyahu and Bolton have a two-phase plan with eight parts in their agenda to be implemented until the end of US President Donald Trump’s first tenure to bring him into a war”.

According to Mousavian, the first phase is “maximum pressure” with four parts: first “economic war”, second “political war”, third “psychological-advertising war and public diplomacy” and the fourth part is “security war”.

He described the second phase as “the trap of military action”.

Explaining the first phase, the former diplomat said, “They will assess the outcome of the first phase, before the main election competitions begin. If the result of the ‘maximum pressure’ operation was desirable, there will be no need for the next phase. Their priority is the collapse of Iran’s political regime without military war and some economic consequences following US’ withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal have made them hopeful about the outcome of this scenario”.

“In the second part, during upcoming months, they will try to display US actions as a ‘defensive, not aggressive operation’. Netanyahu will handle the part with misinformation. With a calculated plan, he will send fake information to the intelligence and security institutions of US and other western countries, demonstrating that Iran intends to invade US and its allies’ troops or facilities in the region through Tehran’s allies, such as Hezbollah, Popular Mobilization Forces or Houthi movement,” he added.

Mentioning that the third part of the second phase is “preparing US troops and military bases for air and maritime operations in the region”, he said, “In the fourth part, they will try to do one or more terrorist operations against their own troops by their own forces”.

Responding to those who talk about a probable war between Iran and US, Mousavian said, “During the past few months, I have repeatedly said and written that Trump, majority of the US congress, people, media, think-tanks and other US research centers, other world powers and the majority of countries around the world are opposed to a war, therefore no war will take place in the current situation. But we should be aware that within the framework of the two-phase plan, Bolton-Netanyahu front follows the purpose of bringing Trump into the trap of war with Iran. Withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and given the support of other world powers for JCPOA, at this point US is in the weak and isolated position and tries to change the situation in favor of its own interests”.