Rouhani: No power above nation, young generation in Iran

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that public participation in elections means existence of national resolve to reconstruct the society, as no power is above the public and young generation.

Referring to public turnout in presidential elections on May 19, 2017, he told a gathering of students on Sunday that the people took long steps over the past two years despite obstacles.

‘The Iranian nation managed to cancel seven UN resolutions in a single day and this is a historic honor merely belonging to the Iranian nation, as no nation has so far managed to cancel the hazardous resolutions,” he said.

Few countries have managed to register two resolutions in its favor, one of them is resolution of dialogue among civilizations floated by former president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami and the other is world free of violence and extremism in the tenure of Government of Prudence and Hope, he said.

Referring to the 11th and 12th governments’ supports to knowledge-based companies, Rouhani said that some 4,400 knowledge-based companies have been established which have generated over 300,000 jobs as well as 60,000 billion Tomans of financial turnover.

Creativity ranking of the Iranian youth has advanced from 120 to 65, top executive said, noting that this indicates the younger generation’s big scientific move.

Active presence of the young generation and using the Constitution’s capacities are the solutions to the country’s problems, Rouhani reiterated.

Noting that over four million students are studying in the universities and 14 million are studying in the schools, he said that 18 percent of the country’s population has academic studies and this is a great capacity which should be used.