Smart PR can foil enemy’s psychological warfare: Defense Min

IRNA – Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami said Sunday that smart public relations skills can thwart the media hype and psychological warfare of the enemies aiming to stir up frustration in the society.

He said that the age of communications and information technology has brought about a new atmosphere of governance and media empire in the modern world.

The defense minister added that the public relations departments should smartly undertake a more sensitive responsibility in proportion to the type and size of threats conveying their messages correctly, with transparency and raising public awareness.

‘The public relations experts should increasingly apply knowledge and science to meticulously produce enlightening, factful messages, and at the same time play a more honest, and effective role versus their rivals,’ he said addressing a conference on the role of smart public relations in support of the defensive strategy of Iran.

Talking on capacities of Iran’s Armed Forces, the minister said that the efforts made by the defense industry to depart from any kind of dependency in combination with calculated communicative and media measures has prepare the ground for getting more powerful.

The Defense Ministry has always been the target of arch enemies of Iran, Hatami said noting that today confrontation is not limited to the Armed Forces, rather it has taken economic, media, communication and psychological aspects.

‘The enemy is trying to create an atmosphere of frustration and disappointment in the society through media and psychological warfare,’ he said, adding that the public relations experts can play a major role to inject fresh hope and happiness to the public society.