Royal Mail restores Iran services: Tehran’s envoy to UK

Press TV – Iran’s ambassador to the United Kingdom Hamid Baeidinejad has said that Britain’s top posting service company the Royal Mail has restored its operations to the destination of Iran.

Baeidinejad said in a tweet on Saturday that a Royal Mail cargo had reached Iran earlier in the day and the company would announce the full restoration of its services to the country in the near future.

“The postal cargo of the company arrived in Iran today. The full normalization of the Royal Mail activities (in Iran) will be announced soon,” read part of Baeidinejad’s post on Twitter.

The envoy said the company had agreed as part of consultations last week to send the existing cargos to the Iran destination and then begin to restore all activities in the country.

The announcement comes more than a month after the Royal Mail said it had halted its Iran operation due to sanctions imposed by the United States. The company said that any remaining parcel in Britain destined for Iran would be returned to the original sender.

Iranian authorities said at the time that they would pursue the case until it is fully resolved. Baeidinejad said Britain’s foreign ministry and other officials in the government had expressed their shock at the decision when they received Iran’s letter of complaint about the issue.

Iran’s embassy in London said after royal mail announcement that it would envision a channel to deliver parcels to Iran free of charge until the issue is resolved with the British courier.

Iran has been subject to sanctions by the United States since Washington unilaterally withdrew from an international deal on Tehran’s nuclear activities in May last year.

However, the European parties to the deal, including Britain, have repeatedly promised to do whatever they can to protect trade and business with Iran.