Zarif reveals conspirator nature of B-Team

IRNA – Iranian foreign minister in a message disclosed the true nature of the B-Team in war against Iraq.

‘In interviews in April, I predicted ‘accidents’—not because I’m a genius— but because #B_Team is so brazenly following @AmbJohnBolton’s script ( …)[Bolton’s article on how to get out of Iran deal which was published in National Review magazine,’ Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Tuesday.

He added: ‘After all, half of B-Team were co-conspirators in disastrous Iraq war.’

Earlier, Zarif in a message reminded president Trump of his National Security Advisor John R. Bolton’s anti-Iran plans and ridiculed the US for empty negotiations’ offer.

‘@realDonaldTrump : ICYMI, before you hired him, this was the plan that @AmbJohnBolton and his #B_Team cohorts had for Iran,’ he said.

He noted: ‘A detailed blueprint for #FakeIntelligence, #ForeverWar and even empty offers for talks—only phone numbers were not included.’