Iran suggests transferring Lake Van’s water to Lake Urmia

MNA – The chief of Iran’s Department of Environment (DoE) said that it is possible to transfer the additional water of Lake Van in Turkey to Lake Urmia in Iran.

DoE Chief Isa Kalantari said in a meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Derya Ors that there is a possibility to transfer the additional water of Lake Van, the largest lake in the far east of that country to Lake Urmia, located between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan in Iran, adding that dehydrating of Lake Urmia will be a serious threat to the region.

Referring to Turkey’s capability to manufacture diesel fuel filter, he said that diesel vehicles are one of the reasons of air pollution in metropolitan areas; in this regard, we ask Turkey to help Iran in manufacturing these filters.

Turkish Ambassador, for his part, maintained that Tehran is one of the most beautiful cities he has ever seen and Iran has been our friend and ally in various circumstances, emphasizing that Turkey is always ready for environmental and technological cooperation with Iran.