Iran, Czech call for expansion of banking cooperation

IRNA – Deputy Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs Ali Mohammad Mousavi said on Tuesday that Iran and Czech are to study expansion of banking cooperation, investment opportunity, industry, mine, commerce, health and treatment in the upcoming Iran-Czech joint economic cooperation meeting.

Mousavi said in the opening ceremony of Iran-Czech economic commission meeting in Tehran on Tuesday.

He also called for expansion of mutual economic cooperation, bolstering cooperation between the two sides’ private sectors mainly in industry and rendering services.

The two sides are to examine various issues ranging from banking to investment opportunities and easing visa issuance between the two countries in the meeting, he said.

Czech deputy minister of industry and commerce who was present in the meeting highlighted good political and economic relations and cooperation between the two countries and called for further expansion of cooperation in these fields.

There are many companies mainly in the energy sector who mind to broaden cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.