National Museum of Iran lends 15 historical antiquities to China

ISNA – 15 historical objects from National Museum of Iran were moved to China’s National Museum to attend Asian Civilizations exhibition.

“A selected collection from works of National Museum of Iran along with representatives from the museum were arrived in China to attend Asian Civilizations exhibition and the historical objects were moved to China’s National Museum in Beijing safely,” the director of National Museum of Iran, Jebrael Nokandeh announced.

“The collection includes 15 historical objects from Achaemenid Empire to Safavid dynasty era discovered from different sites in Iran. These works are to be exhibited along with 450 works from 20 Asian countries,” he added.

Asian Civilizations exhibition will open on May 13 at China’s National Museum in Beijing, under the framework of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC), where several countries around the world will showcase their pieces of historical antiquities.