Araqchi says he wanted to raise wrongful acts of West by Afghan issue

IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on Saturday that his remarks on Afghan refugees aimed to raise wrongful acts of the West in Afghanistan and that the Western states must accept the responsibility of their acts.

Araqchi told IRNA that his latest remarks on Afghan refugees were not addressed to the community, rather it was meant to remind the Western states to accept the responsibility in this regard.

‘We have spared no effort to help the Afghans, and will do so in the future, and will host them as long as we can,’ Araqchi said.

‘But it is not right that the West, the US, in particular impose sanctions and economic pressure on Iran in total disregard of their own responsibily of waging war on a sovereign nation (Afghanistan), displacing multi-million Afghans, making them refugees. Iran spends eight billion dollars a year to host the Afghan refugees, ‘ he noted.

Araqchi added that Washington pursues hostile policy against Iran to zero Iranian crude oil exports at a time when Iran spends eight billion dollars a year to host the Afghan refugees displaced by US invasion of Afghanistan.

‘The Europeans should also take on responsibility either by paying the costs of the refugees and migrants or by hosting a part of the Afghan community in their own countries,’ the Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

As to the issue of fighting drug trafficking, Araqchi argued that Iran has invested a great deal in the campaign against the illicit drugs being cultivated in Afghanistan and that Europe is the main destination.

‘More than four thousands Iranian police and border guards have been killed in fighting illegal drug traffickers, with tens of millions or even billions of dollars having been spent for fighting the drugs over the past 40 years by Iran,’ he said.

‘The Europeans should know that from now on they have to accept their own responsibility, both on the refugees and migrants, whether Afghan or of other nationalities, and the issue of fighting smugglers and even fighting terrorism. This will not be that we will, alone, fight the terrorist groups a part of which are created by the European themselves, and suffer casualties,’ Araqchi said

‘This is not a reasonable equation in the international community, and should be revised,’ he said.