Russia condemns US sanctioning of Iran metal industry

IRNA – Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Thursday vehemently warned the US about its antagonistic policies against Iran, and condemned bans on it metals industry.

The statement came hours after the country’s Security Council meeting headed by President Vladimir Putin.

Russia condemns not only US withdrawal from the JCPOA a year ago, but also its unilateral measures to prevent other countries from doing business with Iran through the economic and political pressure, the statement said.

Iran completely performed its commitments under the deal, as the IAEA confirmed it in 14 reports. But, unfortunately, Iran could not gain the economic benefits, it said.

Under the current situation, Iran’s reliance on clauses of 26 and 36, which provides an opportunity for Iran to diminish some sections of its duties, is understandable.

Russia also called on Iran to give up next steps to stop carrying out its commitments.

It also urged parties to the deal to comply with the deal and continue their economic cooperation with Iran.

Putin held an emergency meeting with members of the country’s security council to discuss the situation surrounding the JCPOA as well as Tehran’s latest decision to diminish commitments regarding the deal.