Rouhani: Both Iranian, Iraqi nations favor enhancing ties

IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani in a telephone conversation with his Iraqi counterpart Barham Salih said that working for further deepening bilateral relations is favored by both the Iranian and Iraqi nations.

He also called for implementing agreements reached between Tehran and Baghdad earlier, describing it as a valuable step in line with developing bilateral ties.

Expressing pleasure over reinforcement of security and stability in the neighboring Iraq, he said, ‘We are terribly interested to help deepen friendly relations and implementation of the agreements at the earliest.’

The two countries have common views regarding major regional and international issues, he said, hoping that the region would experience development and bilateral ties would further improve.

Referring to the Zionist regime’s barbaric attacks on Gaza, Rouhani said that the regime’s aggression is increasing day in day out, requiring Muslim countries to block the Zionist regime’s attack.

Rouhani also slammed the US destabilizing measures in the region and creating problems for Iran’s oil exports, saying that all regional countries should understand current sensitive situation and prevent the US from bullying through cooperation with each other.

Barham Salih, for his part, congratulated Rouhnai on arrival of fasting month of Ramadhan and said that Iran-Iraq ties are based on strong cultural, historical foundations as the two countries common interests.

“We are determined to further improve bilateral relations,” he said.

Describing regional situation as worrisome, he said that his country is opposed to any tension in the region and it will never accept its neighboring and Muslim country suffer even minimum damage.

Iran and Iraq boast of common stances regarding the issue of Palestine, he said, noting, “Our duty as leaders of Muslim states is to help the oppressed nation of Palestine and ending Zionist regime’s aggressions.”