Iraqi tribes underline enhanced cooperation with Iran

IRNA – Heads of Iraqi tribes of Nineveh province and a group of Resistance commanders in a meeting with Iran envoy to Iraq Iraj Masjedi called for enhanced cooperation with Iran.

Iraqi leaders congratulated arrival of the Holy month of Ramadan and presented a report about situation in Mosul after ISIS terrorists were kicked out of the city by fierce fighting and resistance of the people of Mosul to the occupying terrorists.

Referring to the importance of reconstruction in the liberated areas from Daesh Takfiri terrorists, they urged Iranian companies to have active participation in reconstruction drive.

Economic, cultural and health situation, participation of Iranian companies in reconstruction of Nineveh province were among other topics discussed by both sides.

Meanwhile, Masjedi expressed happiness over Iraq progress in political and security fields.

He said that Iran’s support to the Iraqi government and people in fighting terrorism will continue.