Iranian Parliament against increasing fuel price: Larijani

MNA – Lawmakers have decided against increasing fuel prices in the country, said Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani after a closed session on Monday.

Briefing today’s closed session of the Parliament on fuel, Larijani said that under the current circumstances, Parliament does not agree on rationing fuel and increasing its price.

He went on to say that offering the product to consumers with ‘fuel cards’ is the right thing to do and Parliament backs this decision.

Accordingly, fuel will not, at least for now, experience a hike in price or rationing; rather, consumers will have to use special cards, known as ‘fuel card’, to receive the product. Ministry of Petroleum is doing preparations for the measure which is expected to be implemented soon.

Although Iranian rial has experienced a severe depreciation against international currencies in recent months, fuel prices have remained unchanged and this has multiplied the lucrativeness of fuel smuggling in Iran.

Spokesman for the presiding board of the Iranian Parliament, Behrouz Nemati, said the use of fuel cards may help prevent the smuggling of fuel.