Iran Red Crescent receives China-Austria 2nd aid shipment

IRNA – The second humanitarian aid consignments of China and Austria were delivered to Iran’s flood-stricken people.

The Chinese consignment consisted of 1,400 rescue tents landed at Imam Khomeini International Airport.

The first consignment of donations from the government and Chinese people, including 2,600 tents weighing 95 ton landed on April 26.

Meanwhile, the second humanitarian assistance shipment of the Austrian government was rendered to Iran through European Commission.

Austria shipment weighs 8,336kg and worth €11,950 consists of 1000 health package (washing powder, tissue, soap, toothpaste and brush).

Regional Office of the International Federation of Red Crescent in Iraq has allocated $5,000 for Iranian flood survivors.

The floods caused by unprecedented flash rains in various parts of Iran in March and early April claimed the lives of scores of people and inflicted huge damages on infrastructures, including bridges and roads.

Two million people were affected by the floods and hundreds of thousand people are living in tents.

A number of countries forwarded humanitarian aid to Iran.

Iranian Government said that it must spend two billion dollar to import emergency supplies for victims of the floods and that the US sanctions created obstacles to respond adequately to the people living in dire situation.

President Hassan Rouhani said that the US Administration proved it lacks the minimum sense of humanitarian values to suspend the sanctions for a single year providing the Government with a moratorium to save the victims from contagious diseases.