Interaction with Iran in favor of world economy, global trade

IRNA – Managing Director of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) said interaction with Iran is in the interest of the international economy and global trade.

At a meeting with economic advisers from Belgium, Japan, South Africa and Azerbaijan on Saturday, Seyyed Pirouz Mousavi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always wanted to work with all countries, and the Ministry of Petroleum is ready to actively participate countries in the fields related to the development of this industry.

Referring to the interest and cooperation of some of the world’s leading oil companies to invest in the PSEEZ, the official went on to say, ‘Significant reserves and economic advantage of upstream and downstream projects in this region have always been considered by companies such as Total, Eni, Gazprom, Petronas, Hyundai and Daimler.’

Mousavi said the area is close to the needed products and international waterway of the Persian Gulf, and infrastructure such as the port and the airport is an opportunity to invest in upstream, and downstream industries, and if capital requests for investment are made, economic incentives for creating projects in special zones will also be allocated to them.

The Managing Director of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) said the region would be Persian Gulf energy hub in a not-too-distant future and emphasized that there are 24 refineries, 30 petrochemicals, 2 specialized and special zones in Parsian and Lamerd, which are a huge capacity for investors and undoubtedly cooperation in this field can guarantee energy supply.