Brig. Gen. Shekarchi: Iran attains 90% self-sufficiency in military sector

MNA – Spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said that Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved 90 percent self-sufficiency in the military field.

He made the remarks on Saturday in a Conference on ‘Clarification of 2nd Phase of Revolution’ and added, “since the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, enemies of the country tried to spread disappointment in the country and made their utmost effort to undermine and tarnish the real image of the Islamic Revolution in international arena.”

Accordingly, “we decided to clarify the salient achievements of the Revolution in these forty years to the people and young generation of the country appropriately.”

With the coordination made, more than 700 salient achievements of the Islamic Revolution were showcased to the public in three exhibitions organized for this purpose, he said, reiterating, “today, the country has attained 90% self-sufficiency in the field of military.”

A detailed program was formulated for presence of representatives of foreign countries based in Iran and military attaché of other countries in this exhibition, he said, adding, “foreign missionaries in Iran witnessed Iran’s high military power and strength.”

He drew a comparison between salient achievements taken before and after the Islamic Revolution and stated, “construction of Persian Gulf Refinery is one of the giant projects launched after the Islamic Revolution which is a great honor for the Islamic Iran in the international arena.”