Iran dismisses US rights accusations, says Washington in no place to lecture others on human rights

Press TV – Iran has dismissed US accusations about rights violations in the Islamic Republic, saying Washington that has a black record of rights abuses is in no place to comment on the issue. 

“It has been clear to the entire world that the US regime neither believes in human rights nor possesses any moral and legitimate credibility to interfere in such issues as a gesture of human rights,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Moussavi said on Wednesday.

He made the remarks in reaction to US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus who recently accused Iran of crackdown on women advocating for human rights.

Moussavi said the “disgraceful silence” of the US State Department about the recent mass execution of 37 Saudi citizens showed that the US positions on human rights, which previously served as a tool, have now turned into a “commodity.”

He said the US practice of economic terrorism against a nation through imposing indiscriminate sanctions was the biggest violation of the economic and social rights of people.

“All countries need to observe human rights, but the United States, which has a black record of human rights inside and outside the country, needs to carry out an urgent review in this regard,” Moussavi said.

The Iranian official said among other instances of the US disregard for human rights were violations of rights of racial and religious minorities in the US, arms exports worth billions of dollars for the massacre of civilians, acts of torture in horrific prisons, and imposition of cruel sanctions against other nations.