‘Iran ready to establish joint Free Zone with Iraq’

MNA – Arvand Free Zone Organization is ready to form a joint free zone with Iraq following the recent visit of Iranian president to the neighboring country, said the director of Arvand Free Zone Organization on Tuesday.

Esmaeel Zamani said a large part of the Iran’s needs for basic goods would be met by forming a joint free zone with Iraq and creating a logistics area with the presence of investors.

“The creation of the necessary infrastructure has increased the capacity for Iran’s non-oil exports from the Arvand Free Zone,” he added.

He said that tourists can visit Arvand Free Zone and Abadan and Khorramshahr cities without visa.

Arvand Rud dredging can provide a suitable platform for commercial vessels and boost maritime tourism industry in the region.

The Arvand Free Zone with an area of 37,400 hectares is at the confluence of the Karun and Arvand rivers. The Zone is located at a height of three meters above sea level and in proximity to Iraq and in the northwest of Persian Gulf.