Iran Guardian Council condemns execution of 37 Saudi nationals

MNA – The Iranian Council has issued a statement condemning the recent execution of 37 Saudi nationals, calling on the independent international bodies to take action against the crimes by Saudis.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Guardian Council, the statement said that execution of 37 Saudi cultural and religious activists on the false charges of involvement in terrorist actions, which was done to silence the oppressed people of Saudi Arabia, showed the helplessness and fragility of the tyrannical puppet regime of Saudi Arabia.

The statement also said that the beheadings also added another ‘stigma’ on the anti-human record of the Saudi regime.

It also referred to Saudis’ other crimes over the past years including the beheading of Ayatollah Sheikh Nimir, their support for Takfiri terrorist groups such as ISIL, and their aggression against Yemen, calling on the independent international organizations to break their silence and honestly condemn the Saudi regime’s crimes.