Iran FM Zarif criticizes John Bolton’s ‘chronic warmogering’

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif lashed out at US National Security Advisor John Bolton for “chronic warmongering” and “targeting Iranians with economic terrorism”, days after the two faced off in separate interviews on Fox News.

“Today the world’s catching on to John Bolton’s chronic warmongering,” Zarif tweeted on Tuesday, referring to a very recent long-read report in the New Yorker magazine titled “John Bolton on the Warpath” written by Dexter Filkins published on Monday.

“We’ve seen him shill for a cult terror group,” Zarif added in his tweet showing a screenshot of a May 2018 report in the New York Times about Bolton’s support for the Paris-based terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO/MEK).

The Iranian foreign minister went on by showing screenshots of the American official’s financial disclosure report, that reveals that national security advisor to the US President Donald Trump received $40,000 for speaking at the MKO’s meeting in Europe back in 2017. The payment has been listed under the category of “Globe events-European Iranian Events 7/1/17” in the statement.

Zarif finished his tweet by accusing Bolton of “targeting Iranians with economic terrorism along with his B-team,” in a reference to Israeli, Saudi and UAE leaders Benjamin Netanyahu (also known as the BB), Mohammed Bin Salman and Mohammed Bin Zayed.

His recent tweet comes after he accused Bolton of dragging the US into a conflict with Iran with his “B-team” during an interview with the right-wing Fox News on Sunday.

The US national security advisor rejected Zarif’s remarks as false in an in-studio live interview with the news TV.