Russia: US pursuing aggravation of crisis for Iran

IRNA – Russia has reiterated its opposition to the US oil sanctions against Iran, saying that the United States is trying to limit all measures by the Iranian government to complicate the internal situation in the country and thus influence its foreign actions in the world.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, at a weekly press conference on Friday said, ‘US actions cover all aspects of Iran’s domestic politics and its activities internationally.”

“We consider the US decision not to extend the exemption of the eight countries from purchasing Iran’s oil as part of the US global strategy against Iran and condemn it.”, the Russian official expressed.

The spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry went on to say that ‘We have voiced opposition to the principle of unilateral sanctions, which has not been approved by international organizations, including the Security Council, which legitimizes sanctions.”

The Russian official added that Moscow has repeatedly announced what is related to Iran regarding it is opposed to American anti-Iranian policies.

‘Objectives announced by the United States, even if it looks good with American efforts, has nothing to do with the specific policy of unilateral sanctions. In fact, this is a public and very hostile pressure on an independent state.”, Zakharova noted.

A few days ago, in an exclusive interview with IRNA, Zakharova condemned US sanctions against Iran and confirmed that this policy has long been on the agenda of the United States.

ON 22 April Trump administration took its last step to zero Iran’s oil exports. The White House has announced that since May 2, there has been no extension of any exemption for countries willing to buy Iranian oil.

Although this move was, in fact, a demand that Trump was repeating from the very first days of taking office at the White House, but the global and regional conditions were such that he was not allowed to do so.

In his meeting with members of the National Security Council of the White House less than a month ago, the US president insisted on imposing maximum pressure on Iran by terminating the waivers.

In response to the White House, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said that refusal to issue waivers for purchase of Iran’s oil was basically unlawful. Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said, ‘Given the illegality of the sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not, in principle, gave no credibility for granting exemptions to sanctions.’

However, given the negative effects of these sanctions and the possibility of increasing these negative impacts without extending the exemptions, the FOREIGN Ministry has been continuously in contact with all relevant domestic institutions and has had intensive consultations with many foreign partners such as Europeans, internationals and neighbors.

He added that the outcome of these internal and external contacts and consultations would report to the decision-making authorities and that a prompt decision would be made and announced.