Iranian flotilla wraps up Kazakhstan visit

Tasnim – A flotilla of the Iranian Navy’s Caspian Sea fleet set sail for home from the Kazakh port city of Aktau after a three-day visit.

The Iranian flotilla, including Separ and Joshan missile-launching corvettes, left Aktau on Saturday morning.

The Iranian military ships visited the Kazakh port as part of the regular naval visits to neighboring states.

In comments on Saturday, Iran’s military attaché in Kazakhstan Admiral Hossein Hariri hailed the “very important and valuable” results of the visit by the Iranian flotilla.

During their stay in Aktau, the Iranian servicemen held meetings with Kazakh military and administrative officials, attended sports competitions, and went sightseeing in the coastal city.

Aktau is located in southwest of Kazakhstan, on the east coast of the Caspian Sea.

It was the second time an Iranian naval flotilla is visiting Kazakhstan.

In April 2017, two Iranian military ships -Damavand destroyer and Paykan missile-launching corvette- set sail for Kazakhstan to convey the message of peace and friendship.

The Iranian Navy has so far dispatched nine flotillas to the Caspian Sea littoral countries, including Russia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.