Iran’s military might for defending sovereignty: Commander

IRNA – Commander of Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari reiterated that Iranian armed forces do not constitute a threat for others, and Iran’s military power is meant merely for defending the country.

Addressing a meeting on foreign countries’ military attaches in Tehran on Wednesday, he underlined failure of US policies, saying, “US frustration became clear in Warsaw Meeting, as the countries, especially European states in accompanying it in imposing sanctions, prompted the US to opt for maximum pressure against Iran.”

‘Iran’s armed forces are not seeking military confrontation with any country,’ Brigadier-General Heidari said.

Commenting on the achievements of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force over the past 40 years, he said that the force played a crucial role in various fields, including natural disasters when it mobilized all its facilities to help them.

General Heidari said that force plays a major role in ensuring the country’s security, as it has deployed its troops along borders and holds various war games, including ‘Eghtedar Maneuver’.

Today, ground force assumes a crucial role in reinforcing the country’s defense capabilities by designing and producing all types of equipment, including Zolfeqar tanks and tapping and tracking systrms, Heidari said.