Zarif: US walks out of negotiating table

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that it was the US that abandoned the negotiating table.

Zarif made the remarks in a gathering with the Asian Society in New York in response to a question whether there is any chance to get to interaction with the US or not?

One of the questions raised in the gathering read that ‘current relations between Iran and the US is on the negative track and is to create problems for China, India, Turkey and South Korea for purchasing oil and the US is to continue ‘cold war’ by the time Iran minds to continue its revolutionary approach and avoids adopting a normal behavior’.

The US should observe to what it outcries, Zarif said, adding that they have left the JCPOA and try to justify that it was an executive contract which lack confirmation of the US congress, but there are various agreements wining congress confirmation but the US has ignored them all.

The US is now following up a very dangerous policy, he said, adding that they not only violate the UNSC’s resolutions, but invite others to do so.

This round of sanctions totally differs from previous ones as it lacks legitimacy of the UNSC, Zarif said.

This is the first time ever that one permanent member of the UNSC asks others to violate the UN resolution and in case of their avoidance, they will be punished, he said.

‘This is the US who should mind its behavior and not Iran, Zarif said, adding, ‘We know that the US has a big economy and other countries cannot ignore it and for the same reason they follow the US imposed sanctions, but the US should bear in its mind that other countries do it compulsorily. Do we want to set up an international system based on force?’, he questioned.

‘We should not move this way, but we lead the international system towards justice,’ We had an empire which was more longer the age of the US but it was finished,’ the era of empires is over, Zarif said.

He referred to group B comprising ( Bibi, Bin Salman, Bin Zayed and Bolton) who did not want the treaty from its early stages, but ‘we tell the four B grouping that we wrote a type of contract taking into accounts all details, but now Trump claims he wants a better contract. In fact, he cannot dictate such contract,’ Zarif underlined.

There is no doubt that economic sanctions put pressure on our economy and life style of our people, Zarif said adding that if the current US administration pays attention to people in Iran, they should remember that immediately after signing the JCOPA, people pour to the streets and jubilated.

These sanctions will leave harmful impacts on Iran’s economy but will it be able to urge us to change our policy? The response will be a very big ‘No’, he said.

The UN resolution stipulates that Iran will benefit from economic advantages of the JCPOA but ‘our partners’ failed to keep their promises, he said.

Iran and Europe union reached to a practical solution which was one step away from their promises but it has not being kicked off after one year, he said.

The question is that why ‘we should enter into another contract while our previous interests’ have all being ignored, he said.

The Iraqi government invited us to join them in the fight against Daesh, Iran was on the frontline in fight against terrorism and recently the Iraqi government invited some 300 Iranian families who had lost their beloved ones in fight against Daesh, ‘we want to know whether the US or Saudi Arabia had received such invitation?’

Some 14 reports issued by the IAEA indicates that Iran has fully observed its commitments, Zarif said, adding that the US withdrew from the treaty but claims that Iran has ignored its commitments. Recently, they claim that Iran violates the NPT.

US president is to accomplish a number of his presidential election promises, Zarif said, adding that he assumes that through putting mounting pressure on Iran they can bring us to our knees, but to no avail, Zarif said.

It is over hundreds of years that ‘we are in that geographical location and under no circumstances bow to our knees’, he said.

‘We look at history in thousands of years and not a period of two or four years as believe that one’s authority and respect cannot be sold and this never happens and even I want this, Iranian people never let such a thing to happen,’ Zarif said.

The US president is ‘to bring us to the table of negotiation through bullying while we are still dubious to such deal’, he said.

The US president is not following a ‘Road Map’, but in fact he has been trapped in a masterminded plot, Zarif said.