US source of disorder: Lebanese analyst

IRNA – The US, with its policies and measures, is the main source of disorder and chaos in the world, Lebanese analyst Nasser Qandil told IRNA on Wednesday.

‘The US move [not to extend the waivers for the eight buyers of Iranian oil] violates the international law and is actually trampling the concept of free trade in the world which Washington has been advertising since early 1990,’ Qandil said.

Qandil said that by doing so, the US spreads the idea that the mighty can dominate the weak against their will, which is the law of jungle.

He said that the US even doesn’t make an exception for its allies, like Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Greece.

‘The second dimension of the decision is that the US has concluded that it is facing a country that is at the same level in power, i.e. Iran, which the US cannot tolerate.’

Despite all the US has done, Iran has not surrendered; there is no way left except for sanctions and economic pressures, he added.

He said What the US does with Iran is total disregard of the international laws and ‘a disgrace for the US’; such measure taken by Washington will made a great stance for Iran, on which many others can rely.

The Lebanese writer said that many countries oppose the US decision; of course opposition of the neighbors of Iran that have had incessant economic ties with then throughout history is more serious.

Qandil said, ‘The unwise decision of the US may mean the end of the concept of sanctions against Iran because the US cannot do anything more. Even an international move may take shape to oppose the US decisions, which will affect the price of dollar and oil and bring economy of the world out of US control.’

He said that the Saudis and the UAE suggest that the US violate the international laws; they also support the US with another violation. Although they are members of OPEC alongside Iran and should have a brotherly relationship with Tehran, they have announced that they are on the side of the US.

Qandil stressed that after its big defeat in Syria, the US is using Iran’s nuclear program as an excuse and after Israeli defeat in stabilizing its power in the Middle East, the US has to terminate its military presence in the region.
‘For that matter, today is better than tomorrow; the US has no leverage in the Middle East anymore.’