US pursuing psychological warfare against Iran: Official

Tasnim – The Iranian president’s Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Vaezi decried a recent move by the US administration to step up sanctions against the Islamic Republic, saying Washington is after waging psychological warfare against Tehran.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet session in Tehran on Wednesday, Vaezi said the most important issue discussed in the session was related to the US hostile moves, including the recent decision to prevent Iranian oil exports.

The US officials’ main goal is to pursue a propaganda campaign and psychological warfare against the Islamic Republic, he said.

However, the official added, the Iranian people have not taken the US move seriously and it has not had any negative effect on the country’s foreign exchange market.

The remarks came after the White House said on Monday that US President Donald Trump “has decided not to reissue” waivers regarding sanctions against countries importing Iranian oil when the waivers expire “in early May”.

The exact deadline is May 2.

“This decision is intended to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero, denying the regime its principal source of revenue,” the statement from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders read.

Countries that continue to import Iranian oil in large amounts include India, China, South Korea, Japan and Turkey.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to “ensure an appropriate supply (of oil) for the markets” in order to make up for the loss of Iranian oil in the global market.