Commemoration of Sa’adi’s Day; opportunity to recall existence of man

IRNA – April 21, based on authentic documents derived from the works of eminent 13th-century Persian poet Sa’adi Shirazi, is the birthday of this great poet, is an opportunity to recall the essence of human existence narrated in many of his works, and opens a new window to human life.

Shiraz-based Center for Studies on Sa’adi, since April 2002, announced April 21 as Sa’adi Day, and April 21, 2010, at the World Poets’ Meeting in Shiraz, was named Sa’adi Day by the domestic and foreign cultural institutions.

Sa’adi’s Day is an opportunity for culture lovers and thinkers to elaborate on the thoughts of the great Iranian poet and rethink the existential values of human beings which take shape as eloquence being seen in the works of Sa’adi.

Every year, in the special ceremonies held by cultural associations, the name of this prominent Iranian poet is marked. The point that may prevail at the first glance is that why is it necessary for every year to commemorate to Sa’adi’s name on April 21, and how do citizens engaged in today’s modern life are required to remember the name and recall Sa’adi?

Why do we love Sa’adi and listen to his advice? The fact is that the mention of the words and freshness of Sa’adi’s poetry, as well as the foresight and wisdom of the tales of this famous Iranian poet, is so transcendent that anyone, without any reason, is enchanted by Sa’adi’s balanced words.

The balanced spirit and moderation in Sa’adi Shirazi’s poetry has added to the sweetness of the words of this poet. Everyone in very first glances at Golestan and Boustan throws himself into the poetry of Sa’adi, and is satisfied by the words of the Master.

Therefore, commemorating Sa’adi Day is not merely a conference and formality, but of necessity. It is an inevitable necessity that flickers on the tired mind of today’s citizen and invites him to himself. Although the reading of Sa’adi’s poetry and words may lead to satisfaction and exhilaration.

Undoubtedly, holding cultural ceremonies, as well as commemorating Sa’adi Day, is a cultural necessity that at least familiarizes young and contemporary generation with Sa’adi’s deliberate words, and which makes every citizen to use peaceful way of life and manner highlighted in Sa’adi’s words and deeds.

The slightest blessing of this is that it is possible to use tolerance in Sa’adi’s words and deeds and to remind sympathy as the essence of human existence, as a balanced approach to daily life, and the uproots many conflicts in the society.

Avoiding controversy in word and deed, and turning to a calm and gentle attitude for how to behave that the modern human society exponentially, and one verse of Sa’adi’s poetry is enough to bring man to a world where his fruit is coexistence with others and tolerance with others.

Celebrating the name of this famous poet also inspires the reverence of Iran in all parts of the world and reminds the greatness of the nation of Iran in the field of culture and civilization.

There is no doubt that many cultural poets and intellectuals throughout the world were inspired by Sa’adi and his poetry, and the depth of Sa’adi’s words was their supply to conquer the literary and cultural peaks. Therefore, keeping alive the name of Sa’adi is synonymous with the flutter of the glorious Persian flag in peaks of literature and culture, which reminds the ancient Persian name for all lovers of culture and literature.

Respecting for Sa’adi is respect for virtue, humanity and liberty in the world; these are the components that modern humanity needs more than ever, and for the sake of achieving it, he has also made his all efforts.

Therefore, paying attention to the works of Sa’adi and the inspiration of the prominent personality of the Master of Word is a necessity of today’s life. On the other hand, paying attention to the works of this great poet inspires the recognition of the rich Iranian culture; the Iranian society should think about how to protect and honor the honorable past of Iranian art, culture and literature.

On the other hand, the cultural and vestibular impact of Sa’adi is a global influence, and this includes even the world’s politicians and makes everyone, with any taste, can benefit from the word of Sa’adi. At the same time, the common and valuable message of all Persian and Iranian poets, including Sa’adi, is the achievement of unison and national unity.

“All human beings are in truth akin .All in creation share one origin ,When fate allots a member pangs and pains .No ease for other members then remains ,If, unperturbed, another’s grief canst scan .Thou are not worthy of the name of man.”