Iranian chess champion refuses to play Israeli rival

IRNA – Iranian chess champion Ali-Reza Firouzja refused to play with the Israeli player in Germany’s Grenke Classic Chess in a gesture interpreted as a support for the Palestinian people.

Firouzja refused to compete the Israeli rival on Friday evening while he has defeated all his competitors so far.

I was a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian people demanding Tel Aviv occupying entity to withdraw from the occupied territories.
The event is taking place with 904 players from 48 countries.

Firouzja e had already refused to play with an Israeli in Rilton Cup in Sweden.

Having been named ‘the genius’ of Iran’s chess, he is now standing on the top of the U16 ranking table.
Earlier, he became the champion in classic and the runner-up in international tournament in Gamma Rejkavik Open (April 8-16).

Becoming the champion in Iceland Chess 960, Firouzja also qualified to attend 2019 Chess 960 in Norway.