Iran urges world community to counter unilateral sanctions

IRNA – Advisor to minister of economy Mohammad Khazaee urged the international community to take a action against any aggressive unilateral economic moves, including illegal and unfair sanctions.

Such unilateral moves are in contravention of the Charter of United Nations and the right to development creating a barrier on the path of the countries sustainable social and economic development, Khazaee said referring to the problems on the path of multilateralism and multi-polar economic system.

He made the remarks at UN headquarters in New York, on Wednesday at the Forum on ‘Financing for Development’.

He said that free trade is pre-requisite for economic development, support for law-governed and indiscriminate multilateral system, the former Iranian envoy to UN called for the acceleration of the procedure to join the World Trade Organization for the developing countries.

He also said that utilizing the international resources for economic development is vital to eradicate poverty.

The UN Economic and Social Council’s (ECOSOC) fourth Forum on Financing for Development Follow-up (FfD Forum) started on April 15 and will end on April 18.