Iran’s flood reveals US anti-human nature: President

IRNA – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani Wednesday said that the recent flood in Iran revealed the ‘anti-human’ and ‘malicious’ nature of the US and betrayed their hostility toward the Iranian people.

Referring to the US sanctions impeding global humanitarian aid from reaching Iran’s relief organizations, he said that the flood was a good test for everybody.

The Iranian president also expressed appreciation to the countries that rushed to help Iranian people and government by offering sympathy or humanitarian aid.

Saying that the US failed in the test, Rouhani added that the flooding revealed the nature of US regime.

If they were wise enough, he said, they would suspend the sanctions for one year because of the flooding in Iran.

‘Then, people might believe that the sanctions were not aimed at the Iranian people,’ Rouhani said.

‘If Washington had done so, it became clear that what we say about the US malice and its hostility toward Iranian people is wrong,’ he said.

‘Instead, the Americans not only announced that they would not help, they also didn’t let others to send their aid in cash to Iran’s Red Crescent through banks, and doing so, their antihuman nature of the US and their malicious leaders were betrayed,’ Rouhani said.

The recent flooding, the government’s and the Armed Forces’ efforts and measures for helping people, as well as the US reaction showed that for solving the country’s problems, Iran should stand on its own feet to turn the loss into opportunity, the president said.

Flash floods caused by unprecedented heavy rain across Iran claimed the lives of at least 80 people and displaced thousands more. Due to the disaster, numerous buildings and infrastructures, including roads and bridges, in rural and urban areas were destroyed or damaged.