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Iran slams Bahrain court’s anti-Iran claims as unfounded

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Wednesday slammed the recent verdict by a Bahraini court which stripped 139 Bahrainis from their citizenship and strongly condemned its baseless allegations against Iran as ‘totally unfounded’.

He said such allegations are baseless as always before.

Bahrain’s government cannot lodge unfounded allegations and accuse other countries to cover up its own blatant violation of human rights and suppression of its civilians nationwide, he said.

Instead of inventing such security scenarios, it will be advisable for Bahraian officials to try and build trust, the spokesman noted.

Bahrian should also try to mend its relations with its people and respond to their legitimate needs while putting an end to this trend of issuing unfair verdicts against the opponents, he said.

Reliance on failed coalitions to meet their security is totally out of question, he said.

In a hostile measure against Bahraini people, the Al Khalifa regime in a new judicial verdict condemned some 69 civilians to life prison and dislodged the citizenship of some 138 others.

The report indicates that Bahrain’s courts also condemned ten people to ten years imprisonment and 23 other to seven years of prison.

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