Iran English language newspaper headlines on Thursday, 11-4-2019

Iran Daily

Rouhani: US silly move against IRGC aimed at boosting Netanyahu

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday described the US blacklisting of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as an “unwise and silly” measure aimed at helping Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secure a fifth term in office.

Iranian oil exports close to presanction levels

Iranian oil exports, which have been struggling due to US sanctions since late last year, have recovered close to prior levels, supported by unflinching demand from China and South Korea, data from shipping sources and provisional tanker tracking data showed.

Thousands flee homes in Tripoli amid battles on outskirts

Eastern forces and troops loyal to the Libyan government in Tripoli fought on the outskirts of Libya’s capital on Wednesday as the battle forced thousands of residents to flee their homes.

Astronomers deliver first photo of black hole

Astronomers on Wednesday unveiled the first photo of a black hole, one of the star-devouring monsters scattered throughout the Universe and obscured by impenetrable shields of gravity.

Tens of thousands evacuated in Iran’s flood-hit southwest

Iran evacuated tens of thousands of residents of the southwestern city of Ahvaz on Wednesday as floodwaters entered the capital of oil-rich Khuzestan Province.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan to visit Iran soon: Report

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon make his first official visit to Tehran.

Iran, Kazakhstan hold 16th round of political talks in Tehran

Iran and Kazakhstan held 16th round of political consultations between the two countries in Tehran on Wednesday.

Iran, Russia, Turkey agree on int’l conference on Syrian refugees’ return

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed on Wednesday to hold an international conference on the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Russian lower house’s International Affairs Committee said.

Tehran Times

Zarif, his deputies meet top IRGC commanders

Foreign Minister Moham-mad Javad Zarif and his deputies met on Wednesday with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Chief Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari.

Iran’s 2-month crude steel output rises 7.6% yr/yr: WSA

Production of crude steel in Iran stood at 4.245 million tons during the first two months of 2019, indicating 7.6 percent rise from 3.945 million tons in the same period of time in 2018, according to the latest data released by the World Steel Association (WSA).

UNICEF slams Saudi killing of Yemeni schoolchildren

The United Nations International Chil-dren’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has condemned the killing of more than a dozen schoolchildren in Yemen, where Saudi-led warplanes keep pounding an impoverished nation in an imposed war.

Oman is important nodal point in Iran’s strategic orbit: Adib-Moghaddam

Professor Arshin Adib-Moghadd-am, Chair of the Centre for Iranian Studies at the London Middle East Institute believes that “Oman is certainly an important nodal point in Iran’s strategic orbit.”

Trump’s recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli flouts intl. law: Aoun

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has strongly condemned U.S. President Donald Trump’s rec-ognition of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory,describing the measure as in blatant violation of international law and conventions.

Army sets up floating bridge in Karun city

Army set up a 140-meter-long floating bridge over the Karun River in hours, connecting Seyyed Saleh village to the city of Karun in the province of Khuzestan.

Turkey, Qatar, Iraq, China criticize US designation of IRGC as terror group

Turkey, a NATO ally of the United States, and Qatar, also a U.S. ally, as well as Iraq and China on Tuesday objected to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group.

IRGC says to give US ‘unforgettable lesson’

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) issued a statement on Wednesday threatening to give the U.S. an unforgettable lesson after Washington named it a terrorist organization.

China, EU reaffirm commitment to nuclear deal

China and the European Union (EU) have reaffirmed their commitment to the continued, full and effective imple-mentation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

Rouhani: IRGC in forefront of war on terror

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the U.S. is aware of the consequences if it takes more steps than “slogans” against the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps.

Iran to pursue case against US over IRGC move: Hatami

Iran’s defense and foreign ministries will push a case against the United States through international channels over its designation of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization, Defense Minister Amir Hatami announced on Tuesday.

US move on IRGC is ‘provocative’, Rouhani says in phone talks with Macron

Iranian Pres-ident Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that the U.S. act in designating the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps as terrorist or-ganization is “very provocative”, “dangerous” and “unprecedented”.