Iran retains rank as world’s 10th biggest cement producer

Financial Tribune – Iran held on to its ranking as the world’s 10th biggest cement producer in 2018, although the country’s production declined by 1.85% compared with 2017 to stand at 53 million tons, a report published by the United States Geological Survey shows.

Based on the USGS report, published in February, the world’s top cement producers last year were China with 2.37 billion tons, India with 290 million tons, the US with 88.5 million tons, Turkey with 84 million tons, Vietnam with 80 million tons, Indonesia with 67 million tons, South Korea with 56 million tons, Japan with 55.5 million tons, Russia and Egypt each with 55 million tons, Iran with 53 million tons, Brazil with 52 million tons and Saudi Arabia with 45 million tons.