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Iran FM calls for labeling US forces terrorist

IRNA – Iranian foreign minister on Monday called for labeling the US military forces terrorist after Washington’s announcment to declare the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

In a letter to President Hassan Rouhani who also heads the Supreme National Security Council, Mohammad Javad Zarif suggested that this council to enlist the US Central Command (CENTCOM) in its terror list.

The US Central Command is responsible for defending and promoting US interests in 20 nations in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and the strategic waterways that surround them.

Zarif in its letter referred to the US military forces’ covert and open support for the terrorist groups in the region and their direct interference in terror activities and offered the Supreme National Security Council to enlist CENTCOM in its terror list according to the Iranian parliament’s ‘Bill Against US Adventurist and Terrorist Activities in the Region”.

President Donald Trump announced Monday the US will formally designate Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

On Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported such a move against IRGC by Washington could come as early as Monday.

Responding to the report, a vast majority of lawmakers in Iran’s parliament issued a statement threatening to designate elements of the US military a terror group.

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