Iran’s oil exports up 40% as US tanker seizure campaign fails

Pipelines in south Iran oilfields completely safe from floods

IRNA – Despite recent flood and river outburst in Khuzestan, all pipelines and oil installations of the National Iranian South Oil Company are in full protection and security, NISOC chief said.

Speaking to IRNA on Wednesday, Ahmad Mohammadi said people’s health is NISOC’s first priority and then sustainability of oil production.

Thanks to the preventions made, oil installations have so far had no problem.

Referring to NISOC as one the most important economic bodies in Iran, Mohammadi said the length of oil pipelines in Khuzestan in 27,000 km.

Unprecedented heavy rains caused floods in various parts of Iran over the past two weeks. Scores of people were killed and 478 others were injured and a large number were displaced across Iran.

The disaster coincided with the high season of Iranian trips as they were spending the national two-week holidays of Nowruz.

Earlier, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stressed the need to give the supreme priority to reconstruction of flood-stricken areas.

Referring to recent floods in a number of Iranian provinces, he praised people’s attempts and their solidarity, saying the officials were able to take primary measures thanks to the popular support they received.