Iraqi top politician denounces anti-Iran sanctions

IRNA – A senior Iraqi politician condemned new US sanctions on Iran, calling them ‘brutal’ and a threat against regional security.

The anti-Iran sanctions are brutal and a danger to the security of the region, Ammar Hakim, head of the Hikma Movement said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Iraqi politician also said that the sanctions, including the implementation of a new part of economic sanctions, will be of no use.

Calling on all signatories of the nuclear deal and all other international agreements, the Shia cleric condemned sanctioning nations as a way to reach political purposes.

He warned that fueling tensions and turning them into crises endangers the security and stability in the region.

The US imposed sanctions on Iran after it pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran in May 2018. Despite the withdrawal, other parties to the agreement expressed their commitment to the deal and affirmed that were willing to keep trade with Iran.