Spox criticizes Arab League statement on trio islands

IRNA – Iran has brotherly and close relations with many Arab states on a number of Muslim world issues and shares concerns and interests with them, and thus, is following all issues and developments of the Arab countries, Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

‘Except for the speeches made by a few heads of state members, who unfortunately were still taking unproductive and hostile stances on Iran and made baseless claims against the country, the overall approach of the meeting was found more positive than the previous ones,’ Bahram Qasemi said.

‘We see the difference as a result of the wise and constructive management of the meeting’s host country, Tunisia,’ he said.

‘Notwithstanding, we strongly reject the untrue, baseless claims that Iran have been intervening in the affairs of Arab countries as well as those on the three Iranian islands,’ Qasemi said.

Iran’s principal policy is based on non-interference in internal affairs of neighbors, he said, adding that the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf are inseparable parts of Iran’s territory and sovereignty.

‘Repeating the claims will not have the least effect on the legal status of the islands,’ he affirmed.

Referring to the Arab League’s support for Syrian sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, the spokesman described it a positive and promising move, but insufficient in face of excessive demands of the US president and the Zionist regime of Israel.

‘The Muslim world should see the occupation of Arab territories by the illegitimate regime its top priority, and set the ground for Islamic solidarity,’ Qasemi added.

‘Iran strongly believes that all countries in the region are in the same boat with the same fate in terms of the Zionist plots and crimes, and in confrontation with them, they should keep united and vigilance.’