Bahram Qassemi

Foreign Ministry congratulates birthday of Zoroaster

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday congratulated the birthday of Zoroaster, the prophet of ancient Iran.

In a message released on Tuesday, Bahram Qasemi congratulated both Nowruz and birthday of Zoroaster, also known as Khordad Sal to the followers of this ancient religion.

Khordad Sal, which celebrates the birth anniversary of Zoroaster falls on the 6th day ([K]hordad) of the 1st month (Farvardin). In the seasonal calendar, Zoroaster’s birth anniversary falls on March 26.

Khordad Sal is celebrated with cleaning homes, wearing new clothes and eating delicious meals. Jashan, or thanksgiving prayers, are offered to God. The festival is also an opportunity for the followers to review their lives and actions, and make resolutions for the future.