Iran speaker condoles death of people in Shiraz flash flood

IRNA – Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani in a message extended condolences over death of people in Shiraz flood.

In his message which was released on Tuesday, he condoled with bereaved families of the victims of the deadly flood.

He also wished immediate recovery for those who were injured.

Devastating floods incurred huge damages in various provinces this year putting the country’s local official on full alert to help people in those provinces.

The downpour devastating flood in the city of Shiraz claimed lives of 19 civilians and some 74 people injured.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani extended condolences over death of Iranian people in the flash floods and urged officials to double their efforts to decrease problems of the flood-stricken areas and people.

Referring to the fact that necessary decisions will be taken to compensate losses to flood-hit people in Wednesday government committee meeting, President Hassan Rouhani ordered Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli to investigate the reason behind Shiraz incident and to present report.

He also appreciated all governmental bodies, rescue teams and the military forces for their efforts.