Iran-Pakistan friendship

Iran capable of feeding Pakistan’s industry: Analyst

IRNA – A Pakistani analyst says Iran, having the world’s third largest oil reserves and rich natural gas resources, is capable of feeding the industry of Pakistan.

Muhammad Usman Ghani in his article published recently in Daily Times said Iran does not only matter for Pakistan in a transactional way but significant for the latter strategically.

“Iran has the world’s third largest oil reserves and also wealthy in its gas resources. Iran is capable of feeding the industry of Pakistan with its natural resources and shares a border about 900kms long with Pakistan,” Usman Ghani said.

In current situation, Pakistan ought to establish friendly terms with Iran, he said.

He added recently, an attack in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan Province in February has worsened the matters for bilateral ties.

“Pakistan must apprehend that Iran shares a border with Balochistan, which is the most vulnerable province in terms of security and development. The security situation of the province will be far better in case of friendly links with Iran,” he noted.

Usman Ghani also noted that the US has imposed economic sanctions on Iran therefore it will never want to see Pakistan enhance its ties with Iran.

He went on to say Pakistan is proficient enough in diffusing the tensions between the regional powers of the Middle East.

He stressed that Pakistan ought to deepen its terms with Iran.